For the Service

A gift of flowers. delivered to the funeral service, symbolize respect for the deceased; publicly honouring a life well-lived.  Whether you choose a tribute of vivid colours, or send a soft message with sweet pastels, fresh flowers remain one of the most beautiful and gentle ways to express condolences. .

Funeral flowers are delivered to the funeral home, auditorium, or place of worship,  in advance of the funeral service.  When placing an order for delivery to a church or funeral home, please include the name of the deceased on the order form. Sympathy flowers are sent to the home of the departed, in the name of the family, to comfort the family during their time of sorrow.

The Bunches collection of Flowers for the Service provides many appropriate choices for this occasion.  Need help writing the card message?  Click here for suggestions, and our experienced Bunches staff are always ready to advise on appropriate messages.

Flower varieties or colours, and containers, may vary seasonally, and according to current inventory. Substitutions may be required, but the professional designers at Bunches will strive to maintain the overall style and colour palette of your chosen item. Any substitutions will be of equal or usually greater value.

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  • Divine Light Cross (T232-2A)

    Divine Light Cross (T232-2A)

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  • Deepest Faith Cross (T238-1A)

    Deepest Faith Cross (T238-1A)

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  • Hope & Honour Cross (TF206-4)

    Hope & Honour Cross (TF206-4)

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  • Garden of Grandeur Casket Spray T226-3A

    Garden of Grandeur Casket Spray (T226-3A)

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  • Silken Serenity Casket Spray T232-3A

    Silken Serenity Casket Spray (T232-3A)

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  • Enduring Light Casket Spray T264-3A

    Enduring Light Casket Spray (T264-3A)

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  • Moonlit Walk Casket Insert T263-3A

    Moonlit Walk (T263-3A)

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  • Always Adored Casket Spray T236-3A

    Always Adored Casket Spray (T236-3A)

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  • A Life Loved Casket Spray T259-3A

    A Life Loved Casket Spray (T259-3A)

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  • Lavender Tribute Casket Spray T235-2A

    Lavender Tribute Casket Spray (T235-2A)

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  • Warmest Regards Casket Spray T266-3A

    Warmest Remembrance Casket Spray (T66-3A)

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  • Graceful Grandeur Casket Spray T242-1A

    Graceful Grandeur Casket Spray (T242-1A)

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  • Pink Tribute Standing Spray T249-2A

    Pink Tribute (T249-2A)

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  • Finest Farewell Standing Spray T248-2A

    Finest Farewell (T248-2A)

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  • Bountiful Rose Basket T233-1A

    Bountiful Rose Basket (T233-1A)

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  • Rose Remembrance T221-2A

    Rose Remembrance (T221-2A)

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Showing 1–16 of 62 results