Corporate Gifts

Be a star in the business world by acknowledging the people behind the deals.  A small posie to say “Thanks”, or a large arrangement for a grand opening, let flowers make a personal connection, and a memorable impression.

Flower varieties or colours, and containers, may vary seasonally, and according to current inventory. Substitutions may be required, but the professional designers at Bunches will strive to maintain the overall style and colour palette of your chosen item. Any substitutions will be of equal or usually greater value.

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  • Crisp Morning Elegance (FA24-01)

    Crisp Morning Elegance (FA24-01)

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  • Wild Rainforest (FA24-02)

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  • The #97 (CF22-97)

    The #97 (CF22-97)

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  • Tropical Paradise (FA20-25)

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  • Alpine Orchid Aura (FA20-26)

    Sale! $56.99
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  • Afternoon in the Garden (T523-1A)

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  • Rose Oasis (TFWEB614)

    Rose Oasis (TFWEB614)

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  • Spring Has Sprung (T93-1A)

    Spring Has Sprung (T93-1A)

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  • Succulent Garden (SW20-03)

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  • Uptown Bouquet (T72-3A)

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  • Kalanchoe Pot (XM16-04)

    Kalanchoe Pot (XM16-04)

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  • Tropical Plant Medley (T106-1A)

    Tropical Plant Medley (T106-1A)

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Showing all 12 results