In every culture in the world, flowers play a role in funeral customs, bringing their beauty and fragrance as a comfort during difficult moments. Flowers symbolize hope and remind us of the spirit of life. In ancient times, fresh flowers and herbs were used to anoint the bodies of the deceased, while aromatic flowers and plants were used to decorate the burial site. Today, flowers remain one of the most beautiful and gentle ways to express condolences. During times of sorrow, sympathy flowers are messengers of respect for the deceased, and hope for loved ones who grieve their loss.

Bunches’ Sympathy Collection provides many appropriate choices for this occasion.

Flower varieties or colours, and containers, may vary seasonally, and according to current inventory. Substitutions may be required, but the professional designers at Bunches will strive to maintain the overall style and colour palette of your chosen item. Any substitutions will be of equal or usually greater value.

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  • Mom's Sweet Touch (FA24-17)

    Sweet Touch (FA24-17)

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  • Mountain Sunrise (FA24-14)

    Mountain Sunrise (FA24-14)

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  • Blue Horizon (FA24-15)

    Blue Horizon (FA24-15)

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  • Crisp Morning Elegance (FA24-01)

    Crisp Morning Elegance (FA24-01)

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  • Morning Mist

    Soft Morning Mist (FA21-14)

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  • Fall Riverside Walk (FA22-13)

    Fall Riverside Walk (FA22-13)

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  • Divine Light Cross (T232-2A)

    Divine Light Cross (T232-2A)

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  • Deepest Faith Cross (T238-1A)

    Deepest Faith Cross (T238-1A)

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  • Hope & Honour Cross (TF206-4)

    Hope & Honour Cross (TF206-4)

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  • Orchid Posie (FA20-09)

    Sale! Original price was: $66.99.Current price is: $54.99.
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  • Garden of Grandeur Casket Spray T226-3A

    Garden of Grandeur Casket Spray (T226-3A)

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  • Greatest Love Casket Spray T223-1A

    Greatest Love Casket Spray (T223-1A)

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  • Red Rose Sanctuary Casket Spray T230-3A

    Red Rose Sanctuary Casket Spray (T230-3A)

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  • Rose Impression T230-2A

    Rose Impression (T230-2A)

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  • Silken Serenity Casket Spray T232-3A

    Silken Serenity Casket Spray (T232-3A)

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  • Enduring Light Casket Spray T264-3A

    Enduring Light Casket Spray (T264-3A)

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Showing 1–16 of 94 results