Buying Hints for Guys

Hey guys… are you dazed and confused when it comes to buying flowers? Let Bunches guide you through that scary place with a few helpful hints:

Women typically associate receiving flowers with special celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. They may even quickly notice the absence of flowers on these occasions. Even a modest bouquet of flowers given for no apparent reason is guaranteed to make a huge impact because they are unexpected.

Get more bloom for your buck
Fresh flowers are a global commodity, and follow the principles of supply and demand. For example, the price of roses peaks on Valentine’s Day, while they are abundant and inexpensive during the summer months — all the more reason to give them spontaneously. Bunches staff will be happy to advise you about the flowers which are in their best season.

Flowers are for everyone
A bouquet can express the full range of feelings – romantic, friendly, sympathetic, joyous, and everything in between. Your wife or significant other will sincerely appreciate a surprise gift of flowers. So will your mother, daughter, sister and female friends.

Variety is the spice of life!
Women are keenly aware of the multitude of floral varieties available and are eager to see new specimens first-hand. Be bold! Be daring! Choose roses of an unusual hue, or an arrangement of brightly coloured mixed flowers.

Flowers are never mundane
Because of their infinite diversity and unique appeal, flowers are a timeless gift that never lose their “specialness.” Each new floral arrangement is a fresh and individual declaration of appreciation — reflecting your kind thoughtfulness.

Flowers don’t have to mean commitment
Relax, guys. Women know when a bouquet simply means you care.

Seek professional help
Selecting flowers may be a bewildering experience for the uninitiated man. Fortunately, help is at hand: Bunches can customize an affordable floral arrangement that will match both your sentiment (light or serious) and her personality.

The fact of the matter
When calling Bunches to place your order, be ready with the name, delivery address and phone number of the recipient, and your method of payment. If you’re not sure what you want to order, now’s the perfect time to ask for ideas.

Flowers say it all
The gift of flowers strikes a chord in every woman’s heart. Your kind gesture will be treasured forever.