Flowers & Personalities

Today’s consumers are consciously seeking individuality. Is this a rebellion against the abundance of mass produced merchandise, or are we simply eager to celebrate our differences? Either way, consumers are saying “no” to the notion that one size fits all. From home decoration to hair styles, consumers want to feel that there is no one else out there quite like themselves — no one else with their unique combination of personality, interests and attitudes.

Tailoring Gifts to Recipients

As this desire for personal expression grows, consumers spend more time personalizing the gifts they give. In fact, a survey commissioned by the Society of American Florists (Bruskin-Goldring Research, November 1996) bears the trend out in hard numbers: 89 percent of Americans place a priority on choosing gifts that reflect the personality of the recipient. The dilemma? A lack of time to search high and low for unique gifts. A perfect solution is the gift of flowers. Floral arrangements are one of the easiest gifts to customize. With the hundreds of sizes, shapes and colors flowers come in, the possibilities are endless.
Many consumers agree: Close to half (45%) of the survey participants feel comfortable ordering flowers because they rely on their florist for advice. However, one out of four people feel uncomfortable when ordering flowers because either they don’t know flower names or don’t know how to describe what they want. An additional 20 percent are only comfortable when they order the same flowers each time.
Knowing flower names is not something consumers need to be concerned about. Consumers already have the proper tools to order the perfect flower arrangement. If you know someone’s personality, your florist will help you order flowers that are unique for them.

The Match-makers

Certain products, such as flowers, make it easy and convenient to create custom-tailored gifts. A professional florist can help his or her customers design special, unique floral gifts for any personality type, whether that be traditional, romantic, outdoorsy, dramatic, artistic or some other style. For instance, if your sister is the outdoorsy type, she will probably appreciate a rustic basket of meadow blooms or flowering plants. A best friend who is artistic will appreciate exotic flowers and unusual shapes and textures.
Just by knowing the gift recipient’s favorite colors, the way they dress, the hobbies they engage in, or anything that indicates their personality, florists can create a gift to match. Personalized flowers show that you took the time to consider someone’s tastes and interests.

Take the Test: Check their P.Q. (Personality Quotient)


If they’re creative … unconventional and take pleasure in the arts, multi-culturalism, and travel, they’re an Artistic personality. The Artistic is intrigued by exotic or highly detailed flowers and unusual combinations of shape, color and texture.


If they’re casual and down-to-earth … jump at the chance to spend a glorious day outside … or challenge themselves with a new sport, they’re a Natural personality. The Natural delights in flowering or green plants, meadow flowers and natural accents such as wood or moss.


If they’re conservative … family-oriented … prefer classic styles and make their lives around their homes and family, they’re a Traditional personality. The Traditional appreciates tidy, symmetrical arrangements with a variety of hardy flowers.


If they’re dreamers … possess a generous heart … spontaneous spirit … love a touch of luxury … enjoy reading by the fire, watching old films or listening to opera, they’re a Romantic personality. The Romantic is drawn to lush bouquets of pastel colors and light fragrances, with special accents such as lace or ribbon.


If they’re impulsive and on the cutting edge … like to be the center of attention … and pride themselves on knowing the latest trends before everyone else, they’re a Dramatic personality. The Dramatic relishes bold floral arrangements, strong color statements and contemporary containers.